Collaborative Open Innovation Campus at Griffiss Airport Will Launch Spring 2020

A project the Alliance has supported since 2014 is finally coming to fruition. At a press conference yesterday at Griffiss International Airport, representatives from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate, SUNY Poly, Oneida County and the Griffiss Institute confirmed that a new collaborative research facility called the Open Innovation Campus will open in Spring of 2020.

The Alliance’s Executive Director M.C. Chruscicki shared the following comments:

“The CNY Defense Alliance is excited to be key partner working with Rome Lab, Oneida County, industry and our academic partners to secure the necessary funding and support to create the Open Innovation Center, a one of a kind extreme computing collaborative environment.

Data is the world’s new oil but it is the information and knowledge extracted from the data that is driving our economy and the development of smart tools that will impact how we defend our country, live and work tomorrow.

The Open Innovation Center will foster the development of an international Science and Technology eco-system where researchers from the Air Force, DoD, government, industry and academia can collaborate on new algorithms and tools needed to support our warfighter while enabling tech transfer.

The Alliance is excited to be a partner in the creation of the Open Innovation Center, an International centerpiece here in the Mohawk Valley.”