The Alliance is working to strengthen the entire information and defense ecosystem in Central New York, optimizing our efforts with a multi-faceted approach:

ENGAGE directly with the AFRL/RI, DFAS, EADS and NY UAS Test Site leadership to understand the challenges and opportunities that impact the health, stability, and growth opportunities of each organization. We target our efforts for maximum impact.

DEVELOP initiatives that enable synergistic partnerships between public and private organizations, such as the FAA UAS Test Site, Extreme Computing Open Campus, Sky Dome, UAS Racing Park, and other efforts designed support the region’s economic growth.

WORK with Local, State and Federal representatives and legislative processes on initiatives that support the stability and growth of all federal and defense assets.

COLLABORATE with the economic development organizations (e.g. MV EDGE, CenterState CEO), large and small businesses, academia, government agencies, and community leaders.

EDUCATE local, regional and national constituents on the critical importance of the federal assets in Central New York, their vital contributions to the Nation – and the critical role they play in sustaining the region’s high-tech economy.