Sen. Schumer and Rep. Brindisi Announce Support for SUNY’s National Quantum Hub

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Representative Anthony Brindisi, Col. Timothy Lawrence, Director of AFRL’s Information Directorate, Grace Wang, Interim President of SUNY Poly and Vice Chancellor of SUNY, Alliance Director MC Chruscicki and Rome Mayor Jacqueline Izzo came together on Monday at the Griffiss Institute to announce support for SUNY’s planned bid to be named one of several new National Centers of Quantum Science Research and Education.

The Centers were created by the recently-passed National Quantum Initiative Act. An RFP for the national centers is expected to be issued within the next couple of months.

The Alliance, which has been actively supporting investment in quantum engineering in CNY since 2013, was thrilled to see this display of support and the rapidly growing opportunities in quantum science.

CNY is uniquely suited to host one of the national centers. Schumer detailed the “many” investments in research capabilities in the Mohawk Valley that “all enhance New York’s competitiveness to capture emerging opportunities” in quantum information science (QIS). He specifically noted SUNY Polytechnic Institute and the Quantum Computing Center of Excellence at the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (Rome Lab). In addition there are numerous academic institutions within a 2-hour radius of CNY with capabilities in research and workforce development as well as a thriving ecosystem of technology companies ready to join the effort.